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"You don't need a shaman, ..."

Two years ago, good friend, Santos was in the market in his village near the Good Shepherd Center when he was approached by a stranger who asked Santos to direct him to a shaman. Confused, Santos asked him why he wanted a shaman. The man responded, "Because I am sick and everyone in my village is, too." Santos responded, "You don't need a shaman, you need the Lord," and proceeded to tell him about Jesus. The man listened and then asked Santos to come to his village about 4-5 hours in distance and bring the Message, because in his words, "No one has ever told us this before."

Santos began traveling to the village outside of Tiquisate and asking Good Shepherd Ministries for help for those who live in severe poverty. Twice we have been able to send a large school bus to pick up the sickest and bring them to the Good Shepherd Clinic. Other times we have sent medications, vitamins, creams, clothes, and tin to build small houses for single mothers and their children. Today, there is a church and two Bible studies in this village, with about 65 people meeting to hear more about the Lord.

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