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Good Shepherd Clinic

The Good Shepherd Clinic is located in the close proximity of thirteen Quiche villages.  Excellent patient care, coupled with purposeful evangelistic ministry, is the heart and soul of the clinic.  In the first year of its opening, 2013, the clinic saw over 2000 patients and this number has remained steady. In 2016, a total of 1986 patients were seen and a Christian counselor was added to the staff who sees clients once a week.  Largely due to his efforts, 34 patients surrendered their lives to Christ in 2016. Many of these patients (30%) have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease which have not been treated because of severe poverty. The clinic offers low-cost visits and medications in a caring, culturally-relevant atmosphere. 

The clinic is staffed by Christians and serves the local communities not only on-site but also holds mobile clinics and makes evangelistic home visits every Friday.  The clinic must operate within budget constraints, with patients paying a symbolic amount for services rendered.  Clinic and community health services are directed by Dr. Vicki Grossmann (Director of Operations) with on-site medical services overseen by Dr. Carlos Fernandez (clinic director).


On-going and long-term needs include funds for medications and laboratory/radiologic exams, as well as funds to pay national professionals.  If you would like to support the clinic please go to the "Donate Now" button and select "Clinic/Training Center".  

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