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"Today, I am happy."

We have a troubled child in our home that used to live at the governmental home. Although young, he struggles with issues from his past, episodes of anger and anxiety, and is often incontinent at night, wetting his bed and provoking more anger and resentment. This week, I bought pull-ups for him to help him, and they worked. The first night he urinated, but the pull-ups held. The second night he was dry. Success.

A couple of days ago, he was given some new clothes brought by NC Baptist Children's Home. I was upstairs in the school room where there is a big sign that has different emotions presented on it. It says "Today, I am sad....or Today, I am happy....or Today, I am jealous", etc. I don't know who brought it, but there are little faces with probably 20 different emotions. I was looking at it, and talking to one of the little girls and said, " am...." and the boy piped up, from across the room, "Today, I am happy."

Later, I went to his room and he was rejoicing with the new clothes. A small success, but we pray significant. He is precious to God and precious to us.

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