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So Happy

Every child in the home is encouraged to study and are in school. In the afternoons and on Saturday, they have a tutor who is a licensed teacher. Each child memorizes Scripture and works in Bible Quizzing. Every grade report season (four times a year) I take the children with the best grades out for an afternoon of fun. Usually, it is buying something special for them, going to a movie, and to dinner. Grade reports just came out....I was happy and thrilled to find out who won this time. All three were children who had been deprived educationally before. One repeated first grade three times, only passing this past year while in our home. Two others had attended school only sporadically. When I announced the winners, I was smiling the most. Education is associated with better health indicators all through life. But it also corresponds with greater possibility of reading the Bible and understanding it. My love of education, I am sure, came from my parents. My mother was a master's prepared teacher and loved the children she touched in the classroom. From my earliest days, I can remember my parents urging all of us to do well in school and spend our spare time reading.

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