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On April 7, we brought the NC Baptist Nursing Fellowship team to San Marcos to work at a government-run daycare, on invitation from the governmental entity responsible for caring for poor and vulnerable children. We met the director, a highly trained and very motivated woman. We were impressed with the depth of this institution's work with children and parents. She spoke of the improved nutrition and special diets they follow to help the children's nutritional status. She told us that this administration's desire to help children is evident in the child care program she directs.

The director recognizes the role of education in alleviating generational poverty. The ministry of education has a program in the day care center to teach the children through kindergarten. When the children go to public school, they are allowed to come to the center through sixth grade for lunch and tutoring in the afternoon. Programs like this make a real difference in the lives of children and gives them hope.

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