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Special treasures

Our children come to us, many in very high-risk situations. That has been made very real to us, especially with the babies. One was left abandoned shortly after birth in a soccer field. As she has grown a bit, her development seemed off, so I referred her to a neurologist when she was six months old. Tests showed she was having seizures and has severe sensioneural hearing loss, and will need hearing aids and speech therapy, as well as physical therapy. Another child, a toddler, was severely malnourished as a baby and has been living in a nutritional center since that time, and prior to coming to us. She was tested two weeks ago, and we now know, she, too, has severe sensioneural hearing loss, and will require hearing aids, speech therapy, and due to developmental delay, will need physical therapy. Our child care staff are not professionally trained, so this requires a great deal of training to adequately care for these precious children. We are thankful for NC Baptist Childrens Home and a wonderful pediatrician on the Good Shepherd Ministries board who helps me in these special cases. We know that children are special treasures to God, and their care is of vital interest to Him. Please pray for these two children, that God would erase the scars of their past, and that they would be able to advance further than we can even imagine. God is the great Redeemer and Healer, and we have seen His miraculous hand in so many lives, already. We know nothing is too hard for Him.

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