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Missing a bright spot

One of the clinic´s patients died last week. I met him through the Quiché Light the Way missionaries a few years ago, and we had been helping him acquire insulin. He was always in precarious health, but it seemed we were able to always help in just the nick of time. He eventually became a patient of the clinic. Over the years, he became a friend and a member of the new church in his village the Quiché missionaries and we started several years ago. He was always glad to see us when any of us came to see him, in spite of his physical problems. About four to six weeks ago when he came to the clinic, he brought me a lovely shawl and thanked the clinic staff for our help. In spite of his poor health, he had an interest in helping children and bought chairs for them to hold a children´s group in the living area of his house. Friday, I saw several members of his family who were crying at their loss. I felt so sad, too, although I reminded them that we must remember that he loved the Lord and is now with Him and in perfect health and happiness. We have the promise of a reunion, one day. His sudden home-going has left all of us missing him, because he was a bright spot in the village.

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