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Today was the united church service in Quetzaltenango. This year there will be had already been held in Cantel and today, the second, was in the bigger city of Quetzaltenango. The third will be held four hours away in the town of Uspantan, and the last one will be in Santa Cruz del Quiché. These are important, because they unify the churches in each area with the Association of Missionary Baptist Churches. The Association was started some years ago by Roger and two older pastors, Miguel Angel and Narciso, but the energy this year of young leaders is palpable. Marco is the president, and he is also a psychologist for the Good Shepherd Children´s Home and Clinic. Boanerges is the vice-president, and as an older, experienced pastor, gives the Association a steady hand. Jorge, the Good Shepherd Clinic´s professional nurse, is the treasurer. Luis, who is a bookkeeper, is the treasurer. Brady, a Light the Way missionary pastor in Sta. Cruz is an extra board member. We recently received word that he will be in charge of the seminary extension and will begin teaching in Quetzaltenango the first Saturday in March. All in all, a great day.

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