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Education is Vital

The children´s home has a number of older children now, which is challenging. Their needs are more complicated than those of the babies and younger children, and among those needs is providing a good education so they will have a better future. A good education impacts so much of your life. It is closely tied to health....for every year a young girl goes to school, it will result in a 7-9% reduction in the possibility of her future child dying in childhood. The reason for this is that so many children, worldwide, die from preventable and easily treatable causes. It also takes a basic high school education to be able to adequately understand health information.

Education also impacts the Gospel message. If you cannot read and understand the Bible on your own, it makes it much more probable that you will have some false ideas about the Christian life.

A good education also means it is less likely that you will live in, and be unable to escape, the unremitting cycle of generational poverty. A good education usually translates into a better economic level for you and your family.

I was blessed by having a mother who was an experienced and dedicated teacher. I learned from her by osmosis. I also had the experience of home-schooling my own children (not sure they thought it was a blessing, but I was blessed by my time with them), so I understand educational needs pretty well, but some of our children come to us without the proper paperwork to put them directly into classes. Working with several of our special Christian friends has been of particular help, and it seems we will be able to place the last child in an appropriate grade level. School started a couple of weeks ago, but we have hired teachers to work in tutoring the children in the afternoon and Saturday, so the children have not been left completely out of the educational process.

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