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Training Center


Children’s Home

The Good Shepherd Training Center is a critical tool for the development of future leaders, pastors, and missionaries. The center is used for training community health evangelists, Christian leaders, youth, women, pastors and on special occasions, is open to the community. The center is also the main site where mission teams are housed during their ministry time in the Western part of Guatemala.

The Good Shepherd Clinic helps the indigenous population of Guatemala physically, emotionally, and spiritually in light of the Christian world-view.  The clinic seeks to empower patients through immediate patient care, health education, follow-up home visits, and the transforming power of Christ to have a full life.

The Good Shepherd Children's Home invests in abandoned or at-risk children in Guatemala so they may reach the fullest potential God has for them in the areas of physical development, social skills, education and Christian character enabling each child to become a productive member of society. 

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